OSU NRT Mission Statement (Program supported through the National Science Foundation Grant # DGE-1633825): To create a unique advantage for OSU in basic STEM research across all Colleges and for all students with a curriculum integrating the skills to inform basic research with market & societal need throughout the research process.

Value for students
Value for faculty
Lens of the Market


Aligned with OSU’s Strategic Goals in Innovation, Research2Innovation2Society (R2I2S) adds value to the students, faculty and the university by a key additional plank to the OSU platform for becoming the Pacific Northwest Innovation University.

Students and postdocs

Inform your research with market and societal need all while gaining the critical professional skills to excel in any chosen STEM career path - from industry to academic to government – all as part of the graduate experience.


Expand and extend the potential impact of your research, provide a unique career building opportunity for researchers in your group by informing your research with existing societal need, develop new research funding mechanisms.


Provide STEM graduate students and postdocs from all Colleges with a unique experience – Lens of the Market®, a proven program providing skills to align basic research with market and societal needs throughout the research process. And with the potential to increase new OSU ventures and tech transferred technology to use.