Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Lens of the Market ® (LoM) program for the Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility (MaSC) members.  This webpage will serve as a dynamic location for current information regarding this program.  We have also provided a link HERE to a recent presentation on LoM and the tentative schedule for the 2017 MaSC LoM program.  Please do not hesitate to contact Rich Carter or Judy Giordan if you have any questions. The 2017 MaSC LoM Stage 1 Teams are:

2017 LoM Stage 1 - Sponsored by Office for Commercialization & Corporate Development (OCCD)

  • April 1. Teams will be notified of their teammates and asked to start working on identifying 2-3 papers per team on the theme.
  • April 7. Deadline for each participant to submit a participant bio per the template.
  • April 14. Deadline for each team to work together and to submit to 2-3 papers per team on the theme.
  • May 2. Lens of the Market Stage 1 sponsored by OSU OCCD. Location: St. Helens Rooms in Building 10 on the Helwett Packard Campus (Corvallis Transit buses Routes 1 & 7).

2017 LoM Stage 2 - Sponsored by Center for Substainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC)

  • May 4-5. Faculty teams finalize platform diagrams and select 5 market/application pairs of interest for Stage 2 down selection 
by student team members
  • May 16. Students decide if they wish to participate in Stage 2
  • May 30. Students down select 3 market application pairs for Stage 2
  • June 2. Finalize Stage 2 Teams
  • June 9. Participants get access to Google Groups & folders plus first video for their team!
  • June 20-22. Lens of the Market Stage 2 Kick Off Event. Location TBD.
  • Tentatively August 28.  Star Market Report and Training
  • Tentatively December 11. Completion of Stage 2: Final Presentation – Gap Analysis and R&D Plan.